Courseware Tools: Complete Piano Classroom Management

4:01 am in Site Updates by PianoRing

Do you teach a group piano class? Find out how to use the Courseware software on PianoRing to manage all the organizational aspects of your classroom: assignments, grading, course descriptions, documents, all in an interactive social landscape with your students.

To activate your classroom tools as a teacher:

  • Create your PianoRing account
  • On your homepage, select Profile-Edit Profile
  • Click the “Courseware” button
  • Change your status to “Apply for Teacher” – Once your request is approved, you can start using the classroom management tools. In the meantime, create a distinctive group for each of your class sections, and have your students join as members. Groups are already equipped with many useful features.
  • To create a group, go to the “Community” tab in the main menu, and select “Groups,” then “Create a Group”